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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Open Top Winners at Plymouth

Motherlode RBA holds their second all breed show at Plymouth, CA on February 13, 2016.   Their first show at Placerville last year was so successful that the club booked two buildings and flew in judges to make the show even more appealing.
 In show A, Jill's French Angora HGF White Gold wins the Best In Show from judge and ARBA president Josh.    
The Reserve In Show in show B goes to Joann's Flemish Giant.  This is Joann's first big win.
 In show B, judge Piper from PA awards to Best In Show to the Holland Lop owned by Chris Z and the Reserve In Show goes to Julie's Havana. 

In addition to the Best In Show and Reserve In Show in show A and B, the club creates another chance of winning: Judges' rabbits.    Judges could choose one of their rabbits to compete for the $50 award money, Josh performs the duty of picking.   Chris Z wins the $50 with her black Holland Lop.


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