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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

German Reporters Filming Clementina Getting a Hair Cut

With so much misinformation on the internet about how wool are harvested from the Angora rabbits, it is important to demonstrate how gentle Angora hair cut is.  Multiple Best In Show winner Chu's Clementina is to be used as the model for the hair cut.
Betty has on another Angora sweater, JC and Stefan want to film the sweater before the wool harvesting.

Stefan films a close up on the right sleeve.

Betty puts on her grooming apron.

Clementina is on the grooming table and a bag is ready to collect the wool.

The first cut is in the middle of Clementina's back.

Betty explains the cutting procedure, it is very much like human going to a hair saloon having a hair cut.  There is no harm done to the rabbit.

The wool on Clementina's back is now on both sides of her body.


More of Clementina's wool is on the grooming table.

Most of the wool from Clementina's back is now in the yellow bag.

Clementina is now laying on her back to get tummy wool cut. 

Betty is cutting the wool off Clementina's rear end.

After Clementina's wool is totally cut off, she puts on an Angora sweater that is handspun and handknit by Betty.

Stefan shots a close up of Clementina in her little sweater.

The entire procedure takes about an hour, Clementina goes through the process totally relaxed.   




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