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Monday, February 22, 2016

Dr. Jeanne and Her Family

Dr. Jeanne Hagerty-Arcay visits the show at Stockton.  She is the co-owner of Live Oak Veterinary Hospital in Morgan Hill, CA.  Betty and Dr. Jeanne have known each other for many years.

Dr. Jeanne is familiar with the rabbit shows.  When she was a youth in the 4H program, she bred and showed Holland Lop.   Nancy Hinkston and judge Chris Zemny were her mentors.    She stopped breeding and showing when she went to college, veterinary school, got married and have children.   Now her daughter Mavee is joining the 4H program and takes on the rabbit project.

Betty with the three girls who are interested in rabbits.   From left to right are Maya, Rhebyn and Mavees,

Mavees, Dr. Jeanne's older daughter, starts her 4H rabbit project by getting a red Satin from judge Ray Stacy, will show it for the first time in March.    Rhebyn is Dr. Jeanne's niece and Maya, the youngest of Dr. Jeanne's daughters, is still not quite ready for any 4H project yet. 

All three girls want to have a picture with Betty, they knew Betty as the Guinness record holder as she was on the front page of the local Morgan Hill Times last year.

With Dr. Jeanne and the girls is the very proud mom of Jeanne and grandma to the girls, Carol.   Carol has worked at Stanford Hospital all her life, recently retired.   She is enjoying time with her family and her grand children.    All three generation are animal lovers and they go everywhere together.



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