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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Black Giant Angora Presentation at Harrisburg

A board showing the results of the new breed and new variety presentations.   Each time there are four breeds on the table for the judges to examine.  Black Giant Angora presentation is going on along with squirrel Mini Satin, lilac Polish and Argente Brun. 

Judges Kevin, Ted  and Josh are examining the Black Giant Angora.

A different group of judges are checking on the Black Giant Angora.

The ARBA Standard Committee is deliberating.

Another view of the Standard Committee deliberating.

Janet in the middle is the Black Giant Angora presenter, Joan, Janine and Timothy are showing their support.

Others are also waiting for the deliberation.  Leann in baseball cap is the presenter of the squirrel Mini Satin; her presentation eventually passes.

Judge Ted calls Janet into the judging area to discuss the issues of her presentation.   According to judge Ted, one of the rabbits has "pigeon breast".

Seeing all the smiles one would expect the result is a pass.  Unfortunately it's not the case, Janet vows to come back in two years.


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