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Monday, November 04, 2013

Best In Show Judging at the ARBA Convention in Harrisburg, PA

The Best In Show judging is done in a horse arena.  This photo was taken during the youth Best In Show judging.

According to the result book, there were a total of 5200 rabbits and 751 exhibitors in the youth show.

Most of the spectators are on the upper level for a better overall view.   This photo was taken during the youth Best In Show judging.

The four open group judges are introduced to the spectators.  

Group 1 judge is Mike Avesing, the president of ARBA,
Group 2 judge is Josh Humphries, Standard Committee member,
Group 3 judge is Randy Shumaker, vice president of ARBA,
Group 4 judge is Allen Mesick, RabbitCon facilitator. 

This photo was taken by Candy Haenszel who was sitting in the upper level. 
 Betty is sitting in the first row in light pink with her English Angora BOB in Group 3, to the right of Betty is Charlotte who wears long hair and dressed in dark blue, with her BOB French Angora in Group 2.   To the right of Charlotte are Janine in light blue and Timothy in medium blue whose BOB Satin Angora is also in Group 2.

According to the result book, there were 15,472 rabbits and 1,470 exhibitors in the open show.

In the open show, Group one judge is Mike Avesing, he is in the far left, Betty wasn't able to get an individual picture.

Group two judge Josh Humphries is examining an Angora, either French or Giant.

Group three judge is Randy Shumaker judging the English Angora.
Group four judge is Allen Mesick who is in the far right.  

Betty was sitting in the middle of the first row in front of the very high stage and table.

The Best In Show judge is Eric Stewart who checking on the Group four winner, a Jersey Wooly.

This photo was taken by Candy Haenszel who was on the upper level.  It gives an overview of the Best In Show arrangement.  All BOB winners except the four Angoras are in the small holding coops on the back table.  The trays of coops are stuffed with shavings so the four breeds of Angora are in their own carriers on the floor.   Eric Stewart is examining the Group three winner English Angora.

These $500 checks are prizes for the group winners, sponsored by Manna Pro.

The Best In Show goes to the Group one winner, a Florida White.  The owner's name is Doug Harrah.

Here are three happy Group winners, Julie Spier and her black Havana on the left, Betty Chu on the right with her English Angora in the middle and Amber Henderson and her broken Jersey Wooly.   All three ladies have known each other for a long time as they live in a 20-mile radius at the southern tip of Silicon Valley in CA. 

Being in the top four out of 15,472 rabbits, all three ladies are feeling the joy of being recognized for the quality of their rabbits.  

Betty and her prize of winning Group 3, a $500 check; in addition there is also a trophy.



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