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Monday, October 14, 2013

Kennel and Carriers for Flying to the Convention

It's only a few days from flying to the ARBA national convention in Harrisburg, PA.  Betty is preparing her flying equipment.  She says,

I took my kennel out of storage, it hasn't been used since the convention in Indianapolis in 2011.  It's full of dust and needed a major wash.

This kennel is size 500, could take up to eight English Angora if I really try.  This year I am taking seven.  The cover shows some of the Delta Airlines tags from the past years.  I purposely keep some of them on, just in case there is any issue at the airport counter, I could show the evidence that this kennel was accepted in many previous trips.

The wire bottoms for the coops at the showroom are on the left, behind the wire bottoms are the sitting boards.  These will go into my suitcase.

These are the carriers going into the kennel.  One large carrier is divided into three compartments, the two small carriers are divided into two compartments each, total seven spaces for seven rabbits.  The spaces are way smaller than my regular show carriers.  In fact these carriers are for flying only. With the high price of flying the kennel and with the airline restrictions, the rabbits will not be able to experience the kind of roominess that they are accustomed to.

One large and two small carriers are placed inside the kennel, the top cover and the gate are to be assembled.  Kitty Mary Jane looks on.

The top part of the kennel has been placed, when the gate is put in and the sides are tightened, that's how the assembled kennel looks like.


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