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Tuesday, September 03, 2013

English Angora a Hit at Monterey Fair

Early in the morning Betty is getting Celina ready for judging at the Monterey Fair, a group of people are intrigued by the breed.   "What is this?"
 "No, this can't be a rabbit!", "Where is the head?", "Where is the end?", "Does he like grooming?", "How much do you sell it for?", "Where are his eyes?",  "Can he see?", ...


Betty has heard these questions a million times over the past 30+ years but still tries hard to answer.   It could be the millionth time for Betty but it's the first time for those who see an English Angora.

Got to get closer to make sure it's really a live animal.


Imagine the many updates on their Facebook pages about seeing something really fluffy, really puffy, and even poofy. 


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