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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Day in the Park


The Napa 4H club sponsors two open shows and two youth shows in the park connected to the 4H office.  Tables are set up for checking in, raffle, prizes, displays, ...

Exhibitors bring their own shades.

This is a nice cool area for people and rabbits.

A young lady is leash walking her bunny.

The center of the show: Judging area.


There are five judging stations for five judges: Manuel Hidalgo, Randy Shumaker, Melissa Magee, Stan Bell and Linda Bell.

Sun is setting, it's after 5 pm, some of the shades are knocked down, there are only few breeds that still need to be judged before the Best In Show judging.


There are few people in the park getting ready to load the rabbits and pack up miscellaneous show supplies.



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