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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Randy and Allen's Mohair Fleece Wins Best In Show

Most Angora Goat shows have a raw fleece competition as well. Allen spend hours skirting and preparing each fleece for these shows. The best fleeces from this year had been sent to the Monterey Wool Show, a decision and entry made before Randy and Allen decided to go to ACAGR National in Michigan. Nevertheless, Allen chose 5 fleeces for ACAGR last week and prepared them as perfectly as possible. They won 1st and 2nd kid fleece, 1st yearling, and Eric took 1st in the adult class.  Champion went to Randy and Allen's red kid fleece and reserve to their yearling. The red kid fleeces went head to head with the white mohair and came out with an unbelievable Best In Show!


Rebecca Plevin took this photo and did a lengthy interview with Allen for Valley Public Radio.  Allen explains everything about Angora goats and mohair.   You will find the interview enlightening:


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