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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Cavies Visit School

Gary is a Peruvian cavy owned by April, Bubbles' mom.    April loves her animals, she also loves to share her love with kids.   This day, April took Gary to the Valley Bible School for a visit.


Gary has a "bro", a Texel cavy.   Both are on display for the children to view at the Valley Bible School.

April's main interests are the rabbits: she has three English Angora from Betty as pets, then she has a herd of show Jersey Wooly.   Though she is familiar with the wool breeds, she finds the long-hair cavies a lot of work.  She says,

"You are right about the work, and that hair drags through every thing, I mean every thing plus you can't put them on wire or their little feet get sores, you have to clean constantly.  They are eating and drinking machines, the Texel mats worse than the Angoras.  They say not to brush the Texel, well you have to or they mat and they scream when you brush them...I have two boys and brother are they work and they don't smell so great either, so that's why the bath, which they also hated.  They hate every thing but eating and being petted, nail trims...hate it....ear cleaning...hate it...and they have black crud in their weird.  brushing...hate it... catching them...hate it...they hate just about every thing.  I cut that beautiful hair off, so they will have one less thing to hate.  However they do like me even though they hate what I do, because? I feed them...and they love to eat." 



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