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Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Taming of Oscar

There is a black feral cat in Maureen's yard.


He is very shy.

He is looking and longing for food but won't come close.


Food is so inviting that he got caught.


Maureen takes him to her vet and got him checked out and neutered.  He is NOT happy!


He recovers from the surgery but won't get close to people, and he gets a name: Oscar.

Oscar likes to hide in the little kennel, he wants be fed but he also wants his freedom.

For a long time, Oscar would look from the outside but won't go in.

Oscar would be at Maureen's door all day as if he is the doorman for Big Time kennel.

Oscar shows appreciation for the care and feeding, he brings Maureen a bird's head as a gift.

Big progress: Oscar is accepting a pet on his head from Maureen.



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