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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Arie Visits from Indonesia

Arie is a well-known rabbit breeder in Indonesia.  When Judge Chris Z visited and judged in Indonesia earlier this year, Arie and judge Chris Z formed a close friendship.    Arie has taken the registrar's test and waiting for the result.   She has come to the US to be judge Chris Z's house guest.


Arie has a picture taken with Betty's English Angora white doe Chu's Jaylyn.   Jaylyn is the BOB winner in show A.


Arie is admiring the wool mittens.   The blue and white one on Arie's right hand is made of English Angora wool and the reddish one on Arie's left hand is made of Fuzzy Lop wool.  Arie is examining them closely to look for the difference.


Arie really likes the pair of natural color mitten made of Fuzzy Lop wool, she decides to buy the pair.

News just came in that Arie has passed the registrar's written examination.  She will start working in shows this coming weekend in So. CA.

Congratulations, Arie.



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